University: Expectations Vs. Reality

University: Expectations Vs. Reality

When I started University in September 2016 I was full of anxiety, fear but expectation. I expected so much out of my uni experience and it’s definitely been a mixed bag. Here are some of my personal expectations vs. the reality of my university life…

Expectation: Your course will be exactly what you expected! Lectures will be fun and there will always be coffee and you’ll take really good notes and share the notes you make with your friends or be super organised and bring your laptop and you’ll manage the work load and never be behind

Reality: YOU WON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING! Lectures will not be fun because you will likely be tired, hungry or hungover and there will be annoying people who think they know everything or laugh like maniacs at everything. You won’t be organised enough to get coffee, your laptop will never be charged for lectures and your notes won’t make sense and you’ll be constantly drowning in a never ending pool of work

Expectation: You will go out almost every night and when you do you won’t spend any money. You will look perfect the whole night and your lipstick won’t end up halfway across your face. You’ll dance like a boss and not like an awkward bridesmaid at a wedding. No creepy guys will touch you, you won’t drunk dial anyone and you’ll be really really happy the whole night

Reality: You’ll go out no more than twice a month and when you do you’ll spend hours getting ready for your lashes to fall off an hour later and the makeup on your nose to vanish. You’ll get pissed on a bottle of rose that you pretty much downed in a game of ring of fire and your only source of alcohol will be stealing from other people when they’re not looking. By the time you get to the club you’ll be told to sober up because you can barely stand and look too gone to get in and you’ll pay ridiculous money to shuffle on the spot to Drake or the Grease megamix. You’ll embarrass yourself on snapchat. You’ll end up buying drinks for your friends because you’re drunk and you have to show them how much you love them!!! and then you’ll moan all the way to McDonalds, have a vanilla milkshake in the flipflops the Samaritans gave you, have a little cry then sleep like a baby

Expectation: You’ll learn to cook wholesome meals and have the occasional takeaway but get to send your parents pictures of your wonderful creations and make them very proud. Everything will look right and taste wonderful and you’ll feel like a proper adult.

Reality: You’ll barely cook but when you try to help in the kitchen you’ll get shouted at  because everyone is hangry. You can’t afford takeaway. You will panic about the safety of the sausages you’re about to eat and will have to phone home for reassurance more than once. You’re the fastest at washing up though so there’s that…

Expectation: You’ll spend your time productively and always hang out in the library to catch up on work you’ve missed. You’ll have constant study sessions with your friends and you’ll laugh over your text books and will have your essays written at least a week before the deadline because you hate stress. Everyone will have everything they need, nothing will go wrong on practical projects and you won’t want to hit your course mates once in a while.

Reality: You’ll have one successful study session in Costa and then go back to procrastinating by shopping in TIGER, being clueless and dragging yourself through the term. Your friends will decide they’re ‘ill’ and want to stay in bed because they haven’t done the reading for the past five weeks. You’ll go in the library for the induction and be amazed by the moving bookcases but have a crippling fear about getting crushed and rely on the internet. Everything will be last minute. Everything will go wrong more than once and you’ll stress yourself and everyone else out. You’ll be average at best.

Expectation: You’ll make lifelong friends who make you very happy and treat you better than some of the people you’ve known your whole life

Reality: You’ll make lifelong friends who make you very happy and treat you better than some of the people you’ve known your whole life


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