The Things Nobody Tells You About University

The Things Nobody Tells You About University

Hormones make me ranty. Uni makes me ranty. What a winning combination… Anyway, here’s a few things that I wish I knew about university before I went.

You pay a lot of money to hardly ever be at uni
So let’s start with the obvious fact, it’s £9,250 a year. It’s a lot. It’s more importantly a lot of money when you only have a couple of lectures a week that occasionally get cancelled. There are weeks when so much gets cancelled that I’m barely there. Things never get rearranged. And even more importantly than that – terms are so short. Summer is months long and never-ending and beautiful but you feel cheated because you’re paying so much to not be there.

Commuting isn’t bad – but it’s tiring
So I really don’t mind the commuting. I love being able to see my friends, stay with my friends, socialise with my friends and then go home to my own space. I’ve always loved my own company and nothing would annoy me more than a house full of drunk, messy, idiots 24/7. And I don’t mind the driving. I have a sing-a-long or put a podcast on (post here about my current favourites) and I survive the 40 minute commute. But there are weeks when I feel like all I do is get in my car and drive. And staring ahead, trying not to blink too much day after day can be really really tiring. I worry about falling asleep at the wheel some days so I stop if I need to. I just wish the actual driving part wasn’t so draining.

You won’t need half of the stuff you buy in your stationery haul
I’ve barely touched a pen or pencil in uni. Everything is online. You submit all your assignments online and talk to your lecturers more via email than in person. I’ve sure as hell never used a ruler, a rubber, or all the notebooks I bought. In first year I tried to separate each subject with different folders and notebooks. Now I stick it all in one book. I’m too forgetful to have to bring a different book for each lecture. In my experience, you’ll either type your notes on a laptop or use one notebook. And if you do handwrite everything, you’ll never be able to keep it neat. Lecturers change the slides too quickly to write down everything neatly.

Maturity matters
Okay so there are people on my course who are insanely clever. There are people who work hard. And then there are people who do absolutely nothing – AND get away with it. And it makes me want to scream. I work hard, I treat my degree like a degree. But there are people who still think they’re doing their GCSE’s and when it comes to group work I have to pick up the slack. There’s not much you can do about it either, they scrape through and even when you write about what happened in the evaluation, they still get a decent mark. It’s just frustrating.

Sometimes uni is really good – sometimes you regret leaving bed for it
So sometimes you go in for a two hour lecture which actually turns out to be a hour and a half lecture, all read word-for-word off of a powerpoint and is a complete waste of time. Sometimes you’ll feel like crap and miss the most important lecture of the year. And sometimes you’ll have a perfect lecture which teaches you exactly what you needed to know and makes it all seem worth it again. But at the end of the day they’re all worth at least £125 each so that’s what truly motivates me.

So there you go, a detoxing little rant for me which has maybe left you a little negative? Oh well, I feel better now. And uni is SO nearly over for second year.



    • elanawaite
      20th August 2018 / 2:52 PM

      More than welcome! So excited for you! Enjoy it and remember that it’s what you make it X

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