The Products From Glossier I Can’t Get Enough Of

The Products From Glossier I Can’t Get Enough Of

So I love Glossier and I’m honestly not surprised. The approach of the brand is simple – less is more, skincare before makeup and it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty. Still, I was skeptical. Is it all clever marketing? Are their products good value for money? Is it all too good to be true? Can I survive without caking my face? I needed to know. I was late to the party (as always) but that’s mostly because I’m poor and there was so much hype that I didn’t know what to try first. I’ve tried quite a few bits from the company but here are the products I’m really crazy for right now. (Don’t forget to scroll down for a cheeky 10% discount on your first order courtesy of me. You’re welcome).

I don’t care about all the mixed reviews flying around right now – I’m loving this liquid exfoliator and it’s working for me. In all honestly, things like this have always worked for me and because my skin is rarely sensitive so can handle the combination of strong chemicals. Personally, it’s worked magically on reducing my blackheads, which have been bothering me recently. My pores are less obvious and minimised, particularly around my nose and t-zone. My new spots have been clearing up quicker than ever and the texture of my skin when using this is noticeably smoother. Everything looks brighter and more radiant. I couldn’t ask for more.

I wasn’t sure this was gonna work for me at first. I love a pigmented lipstick and this one is described as ‘diffused, sheer matte goodness’ on the website. But, I’m glad I bought it because it’s actually really workable. Natural, pretty and a really gorgeous nude colour – this is my current go to for everyday. I’m so impressed by the staying power too, something about the consistency makes it so durable and I wouldn’t hesitate to try another shade or two.

It took me a long time to love this. It’s so hyped about currently that I was just a little, meh, about it. But given a little time, this product dries out a tad and works a lot better than it does when brand new. It’s easy to use – a tiny brush to coat your brows and hold them in place all day. When you compare it to other similar products on the market, this is never clumpy and doesn’t make your eyebrows feel rock solid and that’s what finally convinced me. Yes, it’s natural but I can use this with a brow pencil/powder or without to create a great look.

The priming moisturiser isn’t a favourite for many. The reviews are generally mixed so it is hard to judge before you try. As a gal with combination skin which tends to be predominantly oily, I knew this consistency would be better for me than the thicker ‘rich’ option. Long story short, I love it. I don’t necessarily use it in my evening makeup routine – but for the morning it’s perfect. It preps my skin before makeup, allowing everything to blend perfectly. Even if I don’t wear makeup for the day, it’s the first moisturiser without a tint that has improved the overall look and healthiness of my skin during the day. A firm favourite for sure.

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So far, it’s true love with Glossier. Everything I’ve had I’ve been impressed with. The lip gloss and mask duo are on their way to me as we speak so I’ll pop a review of one or both of those up shortly. What’s next on my wish list? The jumper and anything I haven’t tried really. Have you tried much from Glossier? What are your favourites?


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