The Podcasts I’ve Been Loving

The Podcasts I’ve Been Loving

So I’m back, kinda. Where have I been? Working on uni, getting some sleep and listening to a lot of podcasts. I love, love, love a good podcast nowadays. Five years ago if someone had told me I’d be loving podcasts I’d have been like – yeah okay, hun, haha sure. But nothing is better than listening to a genuinely fascinating and stimulating conversation on the way to uni or work. They cheer me up, teach me a lot and are such a great way to pass time. Here are my current faves.

Keeping It Candid | Sophie Milner & Millie Cotton
Sophie and Millie make you feel like you’re hanging out with two of your closest gal pals. They discuss the latest trends, all things social media/blogging and they are always honest. It’s such a chilled out podcast by two genuine, endearing, successful women.

At Home With | Lily Pebbles & Anna Gardner
One of my favourite podcasts from two of my favourite content creators ever. I’ve followed Lily and Anna for so long now that their conversations with other succesful, buisness-forward women are a real treat. Their guests for the podcast were so great – my personal highlights being Liz Earle and Giovanna Fletcher. They discuss so much in such a casual way, a way that makes you feel empowered by such strong role models.

Made Online | Hayley Carr
Another great one here. Run by a great blogger Hayley Carr, she describes Made Online as a podcast to ‘share her passion points with the world in a whole new way – as well as inspiring others by stories of amazing individuals who have been made online.’ A great discussion of all things modern, social media related and connected to the online world – and more importantly the people who’ve made their lives within it.

Let’s Discuss Podcast | Ella Gregory & Monica Beatrice Welburn
Another great podcast I’ve only just discovered. A lovely couple of gals who chat all things life, love, work and wellbeing and make you feel like the third member of the gang. I love their friendship with each other and relaxed chats.

The Couragemakers Podcast | Meg Kissack
I’ve only listened to a little of this podcast but I do enjoy it. A small, lesser known project run by Meg Kissack. The platform features courageous, brave, inspiring women from all walks of life discussing importatn and real life issues. All about the girl power and achieving the very best.

Ear Biscuits | Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal
I always have and always will support and love everything Rhett & Link create and put their minds to. Their online work isn’t for everyone, especially most people I know, but it is a huge part of my daily life. Not only is their content refreshing, immaculately written and always entertaining – their personal chats and stories fascinate me. They are the only two middle-aged, American, men that I could listen to for over an hour. Their endless tales of embarrassment, experience and hilarity make my day that little better and their male friendship is the most endearing and interesting thing you will find on the internet.

I can’t recommend the above more – even if you don’t usually listen to podcasts give one ago, you might just find something you love. Do you listen to any of the ones I mentioned or recommend any others? Let me know!


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