The Five Things I Don’t Regret

The Five Things I Don’t Regret

Originally deferring university because of my mental health
Back in October 2015, school was forcing me to apply for university and even though I wasn’t sure it was 100% what I wanted, I did it anyway. I wasn’t in the best place mentally and by the time I’d applied, I didn’t think I was ready to handle it. So, putting my mental health first, I pushed my application back a year. By the time it got round to results day, I had changed my mind again. I felt stronger, determined, and ready to take on university. I don’t regret giving myself some patience and looking after myself because it gave me some more perspective, but I am so glad I started in 2016 because so many things would not have fallen into place.

Failing my driving test 3 times
Okay so I’m still a pretty awful driver. But I’m safe and pretty road rageless. I’ve never had a huge accident apart from spinning in the road once on the way to therapy because I’d worried myself about going. I think all the anxiety that assisted me in failing three driving tests helped me assess situations on the road a lot better. I don’t regret learning to be persistent with something I knew I needed.

Waiting for the right person
I waited a good, long time until I found someone who treated me with absolute respect and I knew wanted me after. Everyone’s entitled to do what they want with their body but I knew I wanted to trust the person I slept with for the first time so I waited until I was 100% comfortable and sure it was what I wanted and I’m so happy I did.

Spending money I didn’t have at the time on a trip to Paris
I knew, I’d be fine by the time I’d been. I knew that I would never be living on the street. But that didn’t stop me from worrying about making it to the next pay day when I booked a trip with my best friend to Paris. But I don’t regret it for a second because it was the most wonderful, joy-filled trip and every second of it was a step outside my comfort zone but magical nonetheless. And I paid it off.

Being unsure on who I was and what I wanted to be
Over the years I’ve tried to make myself fit into so many different categories to be one thing, only to discover how much I’m capable of and how many different skills and little details make me who I am. Sifting through different ideas for a career only made me more versatile, trying to work out who I wanted to be just made me a better person in the end. I’m so thankful I’ll never know exactly who I am as person, the journey of making it up as I go along is far more exciting.


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