The Face Masks I Swear By

The Face Masks I Swear By

I’m fussy with my skin incase you didn’t know. Really fussy. Gone are the days of those 99p masks you used to find in every shop. Remember them? (The chocolate one was my favourite but I’m pretty sure it did nothing but destroy my skin). Now, I barely use a face mask because I use gentler, less stripping products on my skin. But there are two I swear by which save my skin on the days it decides to throw a tantrum or on a sunday night when I just fancy a little pamper session.

Origins Out of Trouble Mask
This is the first ‘expensive’ skin care product I ever tried. At £25 a tube, it’s not affordable but cheaper than what some other high end brands would expect you to pay for a mask. I used to save up my pennies to buy another tube of this because it made my big angry pimples shrink and lose their horrible redness. It soaks up all the excess oils in my skin without completely stripping my skin from what it needs to stay healthy. My skin feels incredibly smooth and clear when I use this product. It even works on the blackheads that attack my nose. It helped me clear my acne in the really bad days and now that everything is a lot better, I occasionally crack it out to dab a little on an angry spot and leave it to work it’s magic.

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 
This is more recent of a find but I’m still on my third pot because, yes, it’s that good. It shrinks my pores, so that my skin feels plumper and less rough. It smells quite menthol/minty but is not damaging at all. Yes, it’s going to strip your skin but it will not make things worse if you’re clever with using it. It basically just excels in getting rid of all the crap that sits on my skin, dead skin cells disappear and it rejuvenates. It makes my skin feel generally fresher and healthier, giving me a glow when my skin is suffering. At £10, it’s a cheaper option than my other favourite but both last an incredibly impressive time.

I recommend both these products if you’re having trouble with your skin, but do not over do it. In my opinion, you should never use a mask more than once a week because it will do more damage than good. Gentler products are ALWAYS the way forward with clearing acne and I cannot stress this enough. But I do recommend that you pick up one of these life changers.


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