Summer 2018 Bucket List

Summer 2018 Bucket List

I wrote a similar post last year (HERE). First of all, it’s funny to see how different of a person I was only a year ago. I feel so much wiser, so much sassier, self-assured and knowledgeable haha. Secondly, last year I didn’t manage to achieve everything before I was back at uni. So this is my big list of goals for this summer. I promise not everything is for the instagram shot (although a lot of it is).

Go to the zoo
I wanted to go last year but that did not go to plan. I just really wanna see some cute animals.

Write the first draft of a novel
I love to write. I’d love to have a novel published. And the idea I’m working on is a young adult story I’ve had in my head for years. I’d love to get a first draft done over the summer before I go back to uni. It’s unlikely but I have time to plan it all out at last so I’ll give it a go.

Get some more work experience
So I’ve already completed a week’s worth of television post production experience in London this summer but am desperate to get in as much as possible. P.S. Would anyone like a post about work experience’s highs and lows? (Not sure who I’m asking as nobody reads my blog anyway but it’s something I’m considering writing).

Create a really good holiday vlog
Vlogging with my family is actually so enjoyable. Capturing all those special memories and hilarious moments. Last year’s holiday video was all planned and was going to be incredibly aesthetically pleasing and then I lost all of the footage when my hardrive gave up on me. This year, I have a deal with my brother to take as many shots and snaps of each other as we need so I’m praying for some great content. I’ll backing everything up as soon as I get back.

Eat fish and chips with my best friend on Hastings beach (again)
Because the two times we’ve done it have been so lovely. It’s my favourite thing to do together. Stress about seagulls and chat everything and anything over.

Make money (somehow)
So, I no longer work for a supermarket. Which is a huge thing for me. But it also means I’m jobless and my student loan won’t keep me afloat forever. I need to make money somehow and I’m applying for new jobs everyday.

Go strawberry picking
I planned to do this last year and again – it didn’t happen. I’m going to find somewhere and drag Char with me. Plus, instagram opportunities.

Post a bikini snap on instagram
My body confidence story is something I rarely talk about on my blog and or social media. It’s an on-going struggle but I’m completely honest and open about it so would absolutely love to take some shots bikini I’m happy with to use. I have bought many beautiful bikinis for my holiday that I would have never worn before now so there’s a stepping stone.

Go to the drive-in again
There’s a drive in cinema fairly near me which is really cool and fairly cheap and I’d love to go again this summer.

Get a head start on my third year (but not too much)
That dissertation won’t write itself. I’m already trying to plan out ideas and sort my life out for third year in September. That’s the goal. I’ve gotta get that 1st if it kills me.

What are your plans and goals for this summer? Is it unrealistic to try and do everything?


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