So I’m 20 Now

So I’m 20 Now

So, I made it… I’ve been alive for two decades. Check that off the list.
I know. The teenage years are over and I couldn’t be happier.
Nostalgic. Slightly terrified. But happy.

 My birthday celebrations were lovely. Everything I wanted.

I had a waga with my uni girls and they both bought me the loveliest gifts – some lush goodies and the Zoeva matte palette. My best friend bought me a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. I had drinks with friends and went out after. And it was a good night.

But I’ve come to the conclusion I’m just kinda over clubbing more than ever. Pub? Spoons? Getting drunk? Hell yes! But getting sweaty, trying to dance to increasingly crap music and trying to avoid horrible girls and grabby guys? Nah. It’s not for me anymore.

Wow… I’m the most boring adult ever already.

For my actual birthday, we waited up until midnight (because I may be a proper adult now, but I still get excited about my birthday).

We had a relaxing day, I opened some gifts from my family which were lovely. I got quite a bit of cash which was very much needed and well received. My parents were so good to me and brought me gifts I actually wanted. I got a new hard drive (FINALLY!!!) and a new tv box (because my sound is broken and I would have struggled to watch the Bakeoff finale otherwise), as well as a few other little bits like pyjamas and a hot water bottle like I’d asked for. My brother got me an amazing blogging kit, full of organisational goodies and stationery.

 I got ready for dinner and even wore some lashes for the first time in forever! I wore this beautiful red dress from Boohoo which I bought on ASOS and have wanted to buy for-eve-r. Then I went for dinner with my family and my best friend. Ooh, and I had amaretto flavoured creme brûlée instead of birthday cake for desert. We came home and played silly games on the Wii for a laugh.

All in all, it was as perfect as I could have imagined. I feel so lucky to have such amazing people in my life and to have been so well looked after. I am so thankful for the love everyone showed me on and for my birthday. Thank you to everyone who made my 20th birthday so special.

 I really can’t believe I’m 20 now ha. Or that I made it this long without going completely insane. If I’m really honest I’ve struggled recently. With blogging and uni at the same time work and life in general. It’s been tough. My health has been very unstable and I don’t get time to be alone and to sort myself out anymore. My posts have been scatty and unorganised and I apologise for that but I’m getting there.

 I just need to be a little more gentle with myself. That’s my resolution for my next year of ups and downs. It’s okay to not have it together every single second of the day.

 Here’s to a huge birthday party for my 21st next year. Here’s to many more birthdays full of love and realisation and happiness. (And Tiffany jewellery?)


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