Small Things That Make Everyday That Little Bit Better

Small Things That Make Everyday That Little Bit Better

It’s no big secret over here that I struggle with my mental health. And in an effort to handle it at a particularly bad time, there are things I’ve started making time for every single day if not most days. Here are a few of the things I’ve been incorporating into my daily routine.

Get in some form of exercise, mindfulness or stretching
I’m going for a jog 3 days a week at the moment and that’s such a great feeling. I mean not whilst I’m doing it – but after I’ve been and had a shower it feels great. It clears my head too. On the days I don’t have time or energy for a jog I get in some light yoga/stretching. It all helps me feel more in-tune with my body.

Give a genuine compliment
I love a scroll though instagram as much as the next gal and there are so many incredible people doing incredible things. To combat the constant online negativity – a friendly compliment in the form of a comment can make someones day. I always try to give an in person compliment too.

Actually eating breakfast or brunch
The reason I’ve included brunch is because I’m never hungry when I wake up. I’m much more likely to be hungry at the 10/11 o’clock mark. My go-to is avocado toast and a vanilla latte/iced coffee/It makes my head feel so much better and sets me up for the day.

A no brainer really but taking my medication and supplements every morning really helps me feel balanced and more prepared for the day.

Tons of water
I’m currently having 2 litres of a water a day and tracking it with the waterlogged app. It flushes everything out and makes me feel more awake. Love that.

I love taking care of my skin so setting aside time to properly clean and replenish my face is essential. My morning routine is much quicker but at night I make sure to really prep my skin for the next day. I love waking up glowy.

This is harder to fit in every single day but when I take time to read instead of watching telly or youtube, I feel a lot better in myself. I used to read all the time when I was young and it’s honestly so relaxing to curl up with a book.

I like sleep. I’ve been tracking my sleep to make sure I go to bed early enough and wake up at a smarter time. Again, it just helps me feel better, in control and more energised.

Doing something – be it leaving the house or at home – makes me feel so much better. A lazy day is good every now and then but I definitely prefer getting things done and ticking things off a to-do list.

Having a sing-a-long
No day is complete without singing at least one song. Seriously, try it. It makes the day so much better.

It’s the little things that count. What makes you feel good every day?


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