Planned Spontaneity

Planned Spontaneity

STORY TIME: Some days you need to get out and be spontaneous. Not for anything in particular but the little things build up and you need to find something other than writing essays in bed and feeling sorry for yourself. Kelly is the person who gets me out.

I’m not a spontaneous person, I have to plan. If I don’t plan, I stress. So I’ve found a good balance in planned spontaneity.

We had planned to do something just to get us both out. Friday night. Whenever she finished work. Maybe go for a drive. Maybe the beach. Weather permitting. We’ll do something. But that was it. Enough of an actual plan that I wouldn’t be stressing about what was happening but we had no details of it actually sorted.

So on Friday, when I actually had plans for the evening, we had a power cut. For two hours I waited. I couldn’t shower so I couldn’t get ready. I couldn’t make a cup of tea. I couldn’t pass the time by watching television. I couldn’t cook. I couldn’t even write my essay. I couldn’t tell Charlotte I was going to be running late because my phone was dead, my iPad was dead and so was my laptop. I couldn’t even call her because her prone was broken. We had no service, no wifi. So two hours later when it finally came back I had to rush to get ready and ended up leaving an hour and a half later than planned. But I wasn’t stressed about it.

I picked her up and we did decide to go to the beach. She gave me a gift she’s bought me. I let her direct me because I’d never driven to Hastings before. We got everything that had bothered us since we’d last seen each other off our chests. When we’d parked, we took a nice – windy – walk to get some chips. We bought some cokes. We ate on the beach and chatted. We fought off seagulls. We walked along the beach, people watched. We got back to the car and decided we wanted sorbet. We stopped at Sainsbury’s for mango and raspberry sorbet and grabbed some cola bottles, some maoams and some teeth and lips. We drove back to mine. We watched lots of RuPaul’s Drag Race and half an episode of Pretty Little Liars. I dropped mango sorbet all over the floor and cleaned it up whilst Kelly laughed at me. I drove her home.

Now that kind of cheap, cheerful and completely stress free evening could not have happened if we’d planned every detail. She said to me ‘I like us being spontaneous’ and I said ‘it’s more like planned spontaneity’. Planned spontaneity is the way forward from now on.


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