The Ordinary Salicylic & Hyaluronic Acid

The Ordinary Salicylic & Hyaluronic Acid

Since clearing the worst of my acne, I have simplified my skincare routine immensely. Sticking to mostly vitamin E products which I know heal and renew my skin whilst keeping it moisturised, I was not looking for anything new. Until a few weeks ago, when I was scrolling mindlessly through ASOS and stumbled across the affordable but brilliant brand, The Ordinary. Everybody is talking about their clever range and they definitely should be.

Although it seems a little sciencey because their products are simply named by what they contain, this only reassures me as to the effectiveness of the products. The range includes serums, primers, peels and acids without parabens, sulphates and mineral oils. The ingredients used in The Ordinary’s bottles can be found in much more expensive creams and serums by luxury brands – so these are a skin care steal.

Salicylic Acid 2% Solution (15ml – £4.00)
This was the first product I bought as I am aware through my acne journey, how incredible salicylic acid can be for the skin. The exfoliating acid, which fights blemishes, has been working wonders on my skin. For the most part (minus a few hormonal zits) my skin has stayed clear and the spots I do get, barely scar. However, because I’m using this product I’ve been heavy on the SPF, especially during my holiday as the sun could do more damage than good when using this product. I usually use it before bed with my serum or pop it on particularly angry spots.

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 (30ml – £6.00)
The second solution I bought, is mainly to keep my skin from feeling dehydrated. Hyaluronic acid and B5 improve the hydration both beneath and on top of the skin. I typically use this twice a day, in the morning (it sits well under makeup) and at night with my serums in my night skin care routine. I always wake up with plump skin that doesn’t feel dry or tacky but has more life to it. My skin looks smooth and my pores look tighter without making my skin feel wet or greasy.

Final thoughts? I’m definitely going to try out a new product from The Ordinary when I do my next ASOS order. The skin care range is super affordable with visible results, cruelty free and suitable for vegans. If you’re looking to simplify your routine, but give your skin the targeted treatment it needs, The Ordinary is definitely worth a look.


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