Naked Dough – A Cookie Dough Lover’s Heaven

Naked Dough – A Cookie Dough Lover’s Heaven

In my previous post I spoke about the trip I took to Dinerama. If you’ve read that post you’ll know I ate a lot. So how did I still have room to gorge on cookie dough? The truth is that I didn’t. After stuffing my face with the most amazing food, I took a slow and slightly sluggish walk back to the underground station and accidentally on purpose headed into Naked Dough, a cookie dough shop I’d only seen in Facebook videos and had wanted to visit for months.

I was so lucky and it was completely incidental that the same station was closest to Dinerama and had the place I wanted to visit. So naturally, I grabbed a pot of cookie dough (because even if you don’t think you can possibly eat a single bite more, you always have room in the second dessert stomach). I chose Emoji Poos – the chocolate chip one. There were so many choices all with unique names and flavour combinations. Cookie dough is also the most filling thing you can eat so it was definitely worth the £3.60 a tub.

There is no risk at all with their totally safe recipes. Salmonella isn’t a worry as there are no eggs and the flour is heat treated to avoid any nastiness there. There are vegan recipes too. You can get it put in an icecream cone and there are other options to have half of one and half of another in a pot and the shop even offers a glass of milk but we were happy with our little tubs to eat a little in the shop and take the rest home. You can also order from Naked Dough on Deliveroo if you’re in London.

As you can see from the pictures, the shop is the most instagrammable place ever complete with pink counters, potted plants, a wall mural, giant inflatables and a pillar covered in polaroids. The atmosphere is also so laid back and friendly. I’m so glad I went while I could because the pop-up shop is temporary and only opened in 2017, so visit while you still can! Head to their website at for more cookie dough excitement.


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