My Top Tips For Motivation, Productivity & Organisation

My Top Tips For Motivation, Productivity & Organisation

Feeling in a funk? Want to nap all the time? Had a rough time recently and struggling to get back on top of things? I get you. I’ve been there. But when it’s time to get sh*t done and get on with life, how do you go about channelling your inner Monica Geller? Finding new ways to be organised, productive and motivated is my favourite thing. So, here are my top tips for all things motivational and productive from a complete control freak.

Designate a day to tidy every now and then (yes, really)
And I mean properly tidy… Clean your bedding, hoover, reorganise your furniture, empty drawers, refold clothes, sort through your wardrobe and dust everything. As a deep cleaning enthusiast, this kind of day is not a chore for me. The only thing I can’t handle is the spider that is potentially hiding on the top shelf and underneath the radiator. But for me, it’s like resetting yourself. A clean, tidy space makes me feel at ease. After my latest funk, I pulled myself out by setting aside an entire day to clean and declutter my bedroom top to bottom. I cleaned my entire room and moved my desk and I’m much happier now. I promise you’ll feel less cluttered and more in control afterwards and if you suffer with your mental health it’s a definite pick-me-up.

Keep your space clean
Even if you’re not into the wonder of the deep clean like I am, practice daily and weekly habits to keep your space clean. Make your bed every morning. Open the curtains and window. Keep an air freshener in your room. Empty your bin and hoover once a week. Water your plants. And stop collecting dirty dishes under your bed. (I see you and your half glass of blackcurrant). Tidy space = tidy mind.

List and plan everything
I can’t assure you enough how good planning and ticking things of a list feels for me. List everything you need to do, either on paper or electronically and tick it off as you complete it. I have a digital on-going to-do list using the Reminders app on my phone which also syncs with my MacBook and makes things so easy. But, more recently I’ve taken time to write my daily to-do lists out in a notebook the night before. Having something physically in front of you is a massive help. In terms of planning, I personally use iCal as my calendar because it makes scheduling stress-free. Again, it syncs up with my MacBook, phone and iPad so I can update it wherever I am and there’s no need for Tipp-Ex all the time. I also keep a really organised schedule for my blog posts on my laptop, ticking off when I’ve taken photos, written and scheduled each post and again when I’ve promoted each of them. I might do a full post on my blog organisation at some point.

Set aside time for life admin
You know the adulty stuff – planning your week, answering emails, paying bills, budgeting, doing filing. I try to get most of this kind of stuff done on a Monday morning now, it helps me reset for the week. So if you can avoid it, try not to spread out the boring life admin stuff throughout the week – get it all done at once and start again next week.

Mix up your workload where possible
If you have deadlines you have to meet them and there’s little you can do about it. You need to get things done. But when I’m having a quieter period I like to mix up my daily tasks. For example, today’s to-do list had the following:

Promote blog post on twitter and instagram
Write this post
Backup external hard drive
Start work on another post
Wash makeup brushes
Plan coffee morning
Write another post

Notice how I split the big tasks up with smaller ones in between? It’s so good to keep yourself occupied and moving about throughout the day. Something simple like washing my makeup brushes will give me a change of scenery for a while and I’ll have to go dig out my hard drive to back it up. Keep it varied if you can.

Engage with like-minded, positive and motivational content
Follow motivational accounts and create a Pinterest board of life hacks. Associate yourself with people who are just like you. My personal favourites at the moment are Anna‘s blog and newsletter, Lily‘s content, Hermione‘s videos, Vix‘s content, podcast and newsletter. In terms of podcasts, I thoroughly recommend – Grazia Life Advice and Lily & Anna’s At Home With as well as everything I’ve talked about in this post. The general rule is to follow people who you would want to be friends with and who push you to be motivated.

Have a proper breakfast
Even if you sleep in a little later than planned, don’t skip the first meal of the day. Your mind will be shot unless you actually eat and drink something substantial in the mornings. Speaking of drinking – fill a big bottle of water and make sure you stay hydrated.

Treat your days at home like work days
When I’m working on projects at home and not just staying in my pjs to watch Shane Dawson videos, I generally treat to treat my day like a full-time workday. I start work at around 9.30 and make sure I finish everything for the day by 5.oo. 

Put your phone on do not disturb
Before I go to bed I put my phone on do not disturb and I generally don’t take it off until I finish my work for the day. All it means is that your notifications don’t pop up. Sure, if you need a quick break you will have a ton of notifications waiting for you as usual, they just don’t disturb you when you’re in work mode. It’s not stopping you from using your phone but it is limiting how distracted you’ll be.

Reward your own productivity
Yay, it’s 5.00 and you’ve ticked everything off your list! Time to do an ASOS shop. Time to watch a movie. Time to light a candle and read a book. It’s so good to have something you’re working towards and looking forward to. Be kind to yourself and reward your productivity and motivation so that you feel chilled and ready to go again in the morning.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself
It’s okay to not get everything done in a day. It’s okay not to achieve every single day. I moaned about this pressure in this post recently. Take things at your own pace and don’t feel guilty if you need to slow down.

So there you go, another post where I highlight how boring I am. Oh well. I promise that just like Monica Geller I can be cool and fun at organised indoor projects. I cannot wait to own a label maker and do weekly meal prep when I live on my own. Just me?

P.S. My tea isn’t usually this weak – I was struggling with the picture and left it so long it went a bit funny and I got fed up. Promise I’m not a complete freak.


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