My Top Ten Moments From ‘The Vampire Diaries’

You know when you’ve always kinda known what you wanna do with your life but you don’t really know what you wanna do with your life and you have so many ideas and so many hobbies and get so much enjoyment from so many potential career paths and can’t do everything and question everything? Same. I have so many career paths I could follow and it scares me that I can’t decide. Maybe I’m doing the wrong degree? Maybe I’ll never make it? Maybe I’ll be stuck in a supermarket forever? Jks, I’ll go insane if I stay working in a supermarket forever. All of my career choices are exciting and creative but none of them are particularly easy. I want to produce television, be a floor manager, work as a researcher, in pr, as a social media/content manager, as a full-time blogger, write for a magazine, become an author… the list is never ending.

Recently I’ve added another to the list because I’ve realised how much I’d really love to be a television/film writer for a magazine. I love reading Entertainment Weekly recaps after I watch an episode of a television show and I know I’d actually be really good at doing it myself. If only. Now I know this kind of content isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but talking about the things I love makes me happy. Plus, I’m a film, radio and tv student – I can’t help it. Anyway, that’s the incentive behind this post.

So, I just finished The Vampire Diaries. For the third time. And it made me want to write about it. The Vampire Diaries is possibly my favourite show of all time. Yes it’s unrealistic and a little stupid at times but it’s made me laugh and cry on multiple occasions. The music and overall look/feel of the show is beautiful. The characters are well developed and the storylines are continually interesting. I adore the cast, their acting and the love that surrounds the entire production. What I have noticed is that if I ever talk about the show – the first response I get from most is that ‘it’s that show about two brother’s fighting over some girl’. Or that it’s ‘just like Twilight’. But it’s much deeper than that. To me, it’s always been a show about friendship. It’s pain, grief, suffering. It’s love, passion, desire. The battle of life over death, right over wrong, good over evil. It’s the joy of humanity – the beauty of living. And at the heart of the show this incredible story – the glorious but difficult journey Damon and Stefan have as brothers. It’s just a show full of amazing moments and some really great acting/emotion.

So in tribute to one of my favourite shows of all time – I’m going to attempt to pick some highlights from across 8 seasons and 171 episodes. Which will be near impossible, I have so many favourite. I can’t guarantee they won’t all be Delena or Queen Katherine moments but I’ll try…  As a disclaimer – I definitely don’t own any part of this show.


Katherine Dies (5×15 – Gone Girl)

I just think it’s a fantastic scene. She’s fantastic. Not only is Katherine one of my favourite fictional characters of all time, she was consistent right till the end. And I’m not talking about the time she died but wasn’t actually dead because she’d taken over Elena’s body. I’m talking about that time Stefan stabbed her after she’d said her honest, hilarious and emotional goodbyes to everyone. The music is perfect. The scene is perfect. Nina Dobrev brings more life to this character than Elena ever had and it’s so crazy how she makes each doppleganger different. It might be my favourite moment on this list because I adore Katherine. I’ve watched this scene so many times that I pretty much know her entire speech. Plus, I love any scene with a majority of the cast in. It’s a great scene.


Damon Says Goodbye To Elena (2×22 ‘Home’)

One of Nina’s best scenes. This and the one where Jeremy dies and she burns the house down. But this one had to be in my top ten because, well, you know, it’s those two. An amazing episode. An amazing scene. I sobbed my heart out for about an hour when I first watched this one. Given, I was incredibly hormonal and thought Damon was gone for good but still. The scripting of this scene works so well and the acting is so raw. The music works really well too. I can’t help but adore them. ‘You are by far the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my 173 years on this earth. The fact that I get to die knowing that I was loved, not just by anyone, by you, Elena Gilbert, is the epitome of a fulfilled life.’ What a moment.


Elena Dies (3×22 ‘The Departed’)

 Wow this scene is chilling. I remeber seeing this for the first time and feeling completely mesmerised. Arguably one of the most moving and aesthetically amazing scenes of the entire series. The music is everything too, so hauntingly beautiful and well timed. Cutting it against the flashbacks to Elena with her parents was so clever. Damon’s ‘you are not dead’ and Stefan’s face breaks my heart. Meredith’s confession right at the end is great. It builds up so well, right until the last second when you finally realise what’s happened and how much it’s going to change everything. What a moment.


Elena Choses Damon (4×23 ‘Graduation’)

This decision was near impossible for me because there are so many amazing Delena moments and I’ve really tried to limit myself. I could honestly fill a whole post with my top ten. Anyway, the top contenders were: their dances, the kiss on the porch, the balcony kiss (sweet jesus), their first meeting in the road and the ‘I love you’ ‘then stop loving me’ ‘I can’t!’ scene. So why did I narrow it down to this one? It’s just a great moment. It changes everything. That after everything. After everything he’s done wrong. After the uncertainty of the sire bond. After all the drama. She loves him. It’s perfect. The music is so cleverly timed and it’s just a really well written scene. Plus, Ian’s facial expressions are amazing. He’s probably the best actor on the show.


Bonnie’s Funeral (5×04 ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’)

I love, love, love Bonnie as a character. Almost as much as I love Caroline. She’s selfless and strong and her story with Enzo is beautiful. But before any of that love stuff she died – a lot. And her funeral in season five made me weep. The music is so perfect, the things they leave in remembrance are great references to earlier scenes and the acting is really good. Bonnie’s speech to everyone was really well written too. The friendship is one of the highlights of the show. They all make me so happy. I just love this scene and it gets me every single time.


The Lantern Memorial (4×02 ‘Memorial’)

I love the memorial. They’ve all lost so many important people in the series and never fully acknowledge that until this scene. And it’s a beautiful scene to look at. As I said, I love scenes with a majority of the cast together. But what’s even better is Damon in this scene. His reluctance to join in with the memorial. His clear and obvious hurt after how much he’s been through. His emotional, drunk speech to a ghostly Ric who tells him he misses him too. ‘Because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle every prayer is not gonna make up for the fact that the only thing you have left is a hole in your life where that somebody you care about used to be.’ Their friendship is such a great part of this show. I love Ric and Damon so, so much.


Caroline Says Goodbye To Stefan (8×16 ‘I Was Feeling Epic’)

Caroline is 100% my favourite female character in The Vampire Diaries, after the dreaded first season, without question. I think Candice Accola is beautiful and her acting here and in many other scenes blows me away. Whilst I’ve never been the biggest Steroline fan – this scene solidifies how great their relationship is. She respects his choice even though they just got married and she understands his sacrifice. And she will love him forever. It definitely got to me (but let’s be honest I cried the whole way through the finale).


Elena & Damon’s Last Dance (6×22 ‘I’ll Be Thinking Of You All The While’)

Elena’s goodbyes to everyone in the season six finale were very emotionally charged. The goodbye to Caroline and Bonnie was a close runner up. But, this finale scene between my number one couple is amazing. They say goodbye to each other in the place where they first met. For ages I refused to journey beyond this scene. The dance is stunning, beautifully choreographed and means so much because it’s their thing – it’s where their story began really. It feels so personal and real – almost as if it was a goodbye for the actors too. I just adore the emotion and their acting. It broke my heart the first time around and continues to do so every single time. Plus, Nina’s dress is stunning and I want it so, so bad. Ooh and an Ian Somerhalder too please.


Katherine’s Arrives In Mystic Falls (1×22 ‘Founders Day’)

So sorry, here’s another Katherine scene. So I struggle watching the early seasons a little. I find them a little slow, especially in season 1, not a lot happens to forward the plot. But this final scene was incredible, it was shocking, it was exciting. The first time I watched it I definitely didn’t work out what was going on. Nina is so great in this. She brings Katherine such a distinct look and feel but still manages to shock the audience so well. It’s just such a great end to the first season. I was hooked.


Elena, Damon & Stefan Find Peace (8×16 ‘I Was Feeling Epic’)

Special shoutout to the finale: if I could have I would have included every single scene because I was a complete and utter mess. I’m so, so happy they ended up together and that Elena finally found peace. She finally saw the people that she lost again. Seeing Jenna’s face nearly gave me heart palpitations. But the most special moment of all? ‘Damon’, ‘Hello, Brother’ and that final reunion. The contrast between that and the first ever episode is what gets me the most. At the heart of the show there isn’t a love triangle or supernatural creatures – there’s this beautiful story of two brothers and the fact that they end the show and find peace together means everything. The fact that they filmed that as the last scene ever too. God, I love Ian and Paul. Ugh. What a way to go out.

Also shout out to Klaus and Kai for being great and having so many amazing moments. Sorry you didn’t make the cut. So yeah, I really, really love TV. This post was super fun for me. It was a little bit different from the usual stuff but I enjoyed writing this so much. I might do a similar thing with other shows in the future. It really would be the perfect career for me if I could do this professionally. Let me know if you’d like to see more television/film on the blog. Also, if you watch The Vampire Diaries let me know what you think of my picks. I’ll be honest though, you’ll never change my mind on Damon.



  1. 30th September 2018 / 12:27 AM

    God, you’re making me cry at these! I forever love TVD and am currently rewatching it for the god knows amount time X


    • elanawaite
      30th September 2018 / 12:42 PM

      Isn’t it emotional! x

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