My Skin Story: The Third Installment

My Skin Story: The Third Installment

I did not time this post well at all. My skin has broken out recently and while I’m okay with that and I know it’s not really in my control for the most part, I should have taken photos at a better time. Ah well, at least I’m honest.

My skin is surprisingly good. There are still breakouts on and under my jaw and under my chin and the occasional cheek breakout but the area around my brows is fairly clear and my forehead is never really a problem. I am so happy with how far I’ve come. To look back at those original photos of it at it’s worst makes me feel so much accomplishment for being so consistent and positive about finally clearing my face. Every time I feel the need to complain about my breakouts or scarring now I look at those pictures and remind myself how painful and embarrassing and time consuming it was when my skin was that bad. It’s even so much improvement from the last post, I didn’t realise until I had a look back for reference. Check both those here and here.

So, what have I been using? Recently, I’ve stuck to what I know and been as gentle as possible. I’ve used coconut oil when I can’t afford a cleanser and when I can I always use a cream cleanser and hot cloth. If I’m going drugstore it’s Soap & Glory’s The Ultimelt but if I can afford Liz Earle my heart will always pine for Cleanse & Polish. More nights out mean more makeup wipes (gasp) because I just want to get into bed but I always make sure they’re moisturising and that I don’t pull too harshly on my skin. If I can afford Pixi Glow Tonic, which I haven’t been able to in a while, I’ll use that, otherwise I’ll double cleanse with Garnier’s Micellar Water.

Occasionally when I need that extra bit of help, I love Soap & Glory’s Fab Pore 2-in-1 Facial Pore Purifying Mask and Origin’s Out of Trouble Mask. Both work wonders. Origins Super Spot Remover still comes in handy for huge angry spots like the ones on my left jaw in the pictures.

To moisturise I am keeping it super simple. It was a desperate purchase when I was poor but Superdrug’s own Vitamin E range is so good at calming down my skin and slowly healing it. It always feels light but moisturising and sits well under makeup if I do wear it. I do believe it’s helped my scarring. The Radiance Moisture Cream and Nourishing Eye Cream are a dream combination for such a good price. I’ll still use my La Roche Possay Effaclar Duo when I can pick it up. If I need something a little more I love using a drop or two of Rehydrating Rose Facial Oil from Neal’s Yard before bed or just before makeup. It’s too oily to wear out alone but it makes my skin feel amazing. I’m pretty sure it’s helped clear my scars too.

We’re getting there… slowly but surely.

For once, I cannot wait for the summer. I wish I could afford to book a holiday just to clear my scarring a little more. The sun is a miracle. Fingers crossed for a fairly sunny English summer.

All I can recommend is finding something that works for you and remembering that nothing’s instant. My skin has taken years to get to where it is now but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m glad I’ve been on this acne journey because I now understand skin care, makeup and all things beauty. I can help my friends with it. I am proud.

I can safely say that 9 times out of 10 I feel beautiful. The 10% of the time that I don’t, I really don’t. But I now go to work for short shifts without it, I can go shopping without it, I happily facetime without it, I take my train journeys home without it. I’m still finding the courage to go to uni or a 8 hour shift without it when I want to but that will come with time. I still love makeup and love making myself feel more beautiful. I still enjoy putting it on and trying different products and looks so I am truly learning to be happy either way.

I’m not my acne, my acne is just a part of me.


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