Measuring Success: Being a Morning Person, Achievement and ‘Looking Busy’?

Measuring Success: Being a Morning Person, Achievement and ‘Looking Busy’?

Let’s be real for a minute or two. I’m not a morning person and I probably never will be. And I’ve tried. I constantly schedule my mornings with everything that needs to be done only to realise it’s now half ten and oops – maybe I snoozed my alarm semiconsciously and overslept. I’m currently motivating myself with a jog three times a week and that’s helping but to be honest, I’d still rather stay in bed than go out and exert myself in the early hours of the day. Simply, mornings are not the one for me.

Nor do I always manage to tick everything off my to-do list on time. Right now for example, I have things on that list that should have been my priority weeks ago. But is the world crumbling around me because I didn’t get those things ticked off? Nah. I’m a fairly organised person. I love having clean surroundings. I like knowing where everything is and being fully prepared. But I’m still not good at achieving everything I set out to. My bucket list is looking fairly neglected in 2018. To quote Kylie Jenner a couple of years back maybe it’s the year of ‘realizing things’ for me instead of actually doing things. And that’s okay.

It seems to me that we as a generation of bloggers, vloggers and instagram shotters have a need to constantly look occupied. For most of us, our lives don’t move at 1000 miles an hour, we’re not eternally on-the-go. Yes, we’re busy. We have jobs and blogs, degrees to get and a ton of things to do. But do we get time to watch Love Island at 9pm and cringe at Dr Alex’s feeble attempts to flirt? Yeah. Do we have time to pop to the supermarket? Yep. Are we out at events and dinner every single night? HELL NO. Who can afford that? And quite frankly who has the energy?

So here’s the reasoning I’ve come to for this whole farce. We want to look busy and very much the opposite of lazy because somehow this is all associated with looking successful. Spoiler alert: You can still be successful and press the snooze button. You can still be successful if you wear your slippers more than your heels. At the end of the day success correlates to hard work and it doesn’t matter when or how that happens.

I couldn’t write this post without thinking about social media’s influence on us to be motivated, morning people who are always doing and achieving. I open instagram right now and in a few scrolls I see and read the following… One girl is celebrating her birthday with tons of cocktails, instagram style balloons and talking about how busy her birthday week is going to be. Another girl is hanging out somewhere extremely flowery and ‘instagrammable’ saying she hasn’t recovered from an event earlier in the week but is mega hyped for her holiday. And of course Shay Mitchell is looking unbelievably, mind-blowingly gorgeous in which ever country with white buildings and insane sunsets she’s currently in.

You open instagram and there are millions of beautiful but edited people sharing their favourite workout clothing, talking about their crazy nights out in London and turning even the most mundane things into something to be shared. You’ve seen those glamorous hotel bed, pink striped pyjama shots right? I know you have. When did sleep become so glam? I sure as hell don’t look glam in bed or have a full face of makeup on. But if I had someone to constantly take these pictures of me wouldn’t I do exactly the same? Wouldn’t I pose in my brand new pyjamas with my hotel breakfast, false lashes and all? Absoloutely-fricking-yes. I’d love to give the illusion that I’m a female powerhouse, driven by strong coffee and the thought of going out with my group of gal pals for a G&T on Friyay. But the truth is I can just handle a latte macchiato, I don’t have a group of gal pals and I only drink Brockman’s gin.

Also, I am continually astounded by (and only 50% jealous of) those who have enough content to post to instagram more than once a day. When I was on my holiday posting a ton sure helped me with engagement but then I ran out of snaps when I got home and now I’m waiting for the next photo opportunity to arise. But behind the scenes there is the fact that everyone reuses shots taken weeks ago that we haven’t already posted. We fake this idea that we’re busy. That we’re in the moment. That the shot wasn’t carefully selected from another 57 or so and edited wayyyy in advance. Would it be a crime to have a day without posting something?

So many girls I follow portray this glamorous lifestyle in their white walled homes, doing sun salutations as soon as the sun rises and drinking those weird green matcha drinks. As I saw the wonderful Lucy Moon iterate on her story the other day – they’re kinda gross. I’m never drinking something green. Why is there this constant need to have a three mile hike, an avocado, poached egg filled breakfast and every chore done by 9am? It’s stressful trying to do everything on schedule, perfectly and with a full bar of energy. Do these girls ever take naps? Or procrastinate on The Sims for a few hours? Or wear pyjamas all day? Or go an entire week without makeup?

I wish I had the time, money and energy to write my blog posts from a coffee shop twice a week. I wish I had the confidence to get to a pilates or yoga class just to say I’d been. I wish I had a personal photographer friend to take shots of every outfit. God, I wish I had something to post every single day and that my insta feed had a cohesive theme.

After struggling for years to keep up with this whirlwind of constant need for productivity online, here’s what I’ve learned. It’s good to be organised and a bit of a perfectionist and to have high expectations for yourself but… you don’t have to achieve something monumental every single day. You don’t have to stick to a tight schedule for every minute. There is so much peace in treating every day differently – taking things at your own pace. Resting when you’re tired, eating when you’re hungry and accidentally – god forbid – sleeping in once in a while and forgetting your morning jog. And that’s my new approach.

So I have a suggestion for you, if you like me follow a ton of beautiful women seemingly doing exciting things every single day – don’t put pressure on yourself to do the same. Sleep in. Get up and start your to-do list a little later than you would but get as much as you can done without stress. Celebrate your small achievements throughout the day. Or don’t. The choice is yours. But don’t feel the pressure to look busy, happy and driven 24/7. Measure your success on your own terms.

There we go. Another post that I’ve been putting off for weeks written. Yay! Mini-achievement right there without even leaving the house. I think in the future this kind of post is going to be a lot more common – it’s the kind of content I’m really enjoying writing. Ranty, opinionated lifestyle stuff is the way forward. It’s fun, it’s detoxifying and it comes super easily to me. Let me know what you think on the subject. Ciao.






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