Liz Earle Skincare Haul & Review

Liz Earle Skincare Haul & Review

It’s official, I am in love with the goddess that is Liz Earle. I would like to thank Liz personally, for completely saving my horrible skin. The ‘naturally active’ ingredients in these products are so gentle and nourishing. Yes, I spent a lot of money on this haul which I haven’t yet forgiven myself for but looking at my face now, I have only 5% regret.

Firstly, I ordered the ‘Skincare Essentials Set’ for Normal/Combination skin. I was in two minds about which to buy. My skin can be sensitive so Dry/Sensitive sounded like a sensible idea, however, I have been getting a lot oilier around my t-zone so decided that I would choose combination to hopefully balance things out. As well as this, I bought the ‘Deep Cleansing Mask’.

The legendary ‘Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish’ was actually a repurchase. I cannot rave about this product more. It has completely revolutionised the way I take my makeup off, the look and feel of my skin and the complete ease of the whole process. For those who haven’t heard of this product (most have tried and loved), it’s so simple to use. You take a pump of this creamy balm and wipe onto your dry, makeup caked face. You continue to cleanse the face by rubbing the product into the skin and over the lips and eyes. It totally breaks down all your makeup, even the mascaras that cling on for dear life. Then, you wet a muslin cloth in warm water and keep rotating it to wipe your face clean of the product. Not only does it remove all of the build up of the day and make your realise how much you actually put on your face, it polishes and gently exfoliates the skin too, leaving you with a gorgeously clean glow. There is genuinely nothing quite like it. My skin has never looked and felt this clear. I’ve always hated makeup wipes so this is my holy grail makeup remover; I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

This is an unexpected love for me. I usually stay clear of face masks because they’re time-consuming and messy. I also hate taking face masks off. But the ‘Deep Cleansing Mask’ is different. The green clay mask uses manuka honey which is a natural antiseptic and healer. Leaving this on for around 10-15 minutes draws all the impurities from the skin and tones down the redness of my spots. You take this one off with the sponges supplied, wetting them and gently wiping away all traces of the mask with one in each hand. I don’t use this every day but it really is amazing; skin looks so fresh and alive after using it.

(Me looking hot as ever in the face mask)

The ‘Instant Boost Skin Tonic’ is a in basic terms a very gentle toner. Adding a natural glow and removing even more makeup you didn’t realise was still on your face, this definitely ‘revitalises, soothes and tones’. It’s so refreshing and subtle but does such a good job at cleansing pores and preventing sebum build-up.

My least favourite but that makes it no less wonderful, the ‘Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion’ removes any eye makeup that’s still clinging on. You never have to look like a panda again. It’s also very awakening, not irritant and very helpful in the morning. Improving the look of dark circles and bagginess, this one is brilliant for those with terrible sleep patterns like me. Like the ‘Instant Skin Boost Tonic’, the bottles have a twist cap which lets you easily dispense a suitable amount of product. I love this idea as it locks into place, so you waste.

Honestly, there were mixed reviews on the ‘Skin Repair Moisturiser’, so I was very sceptical. For me, it works wonderfully. It sinks in easily and keeps my skin hydrated. It is very soothing and tones down the redness. It does balance out my dryness and oiliness. It’s great as a base for makeup too. I have not found a moisturiser anywhere as effective as this. The amount of product you actually need is minimal so the pot lasts forever. It looks pretty much bottomless but even if I empty it, I will be definitely re-purchasing.

In general, my only problems are the insane pricing and that some of the packaging gives you no indication as to how much product is left. I have fallen head over heels with Liz Earle’s skincare. I would repurchase all of these products a million times. My skin looks so much smoother, clearer and healthier. My acne is so minimal at the moment and I cannot praise these products anymore than I already have. This is pretty much my current skincare routine and I don’t plan to change it anytime soon.


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