it’s Skin Power 10 Formulas

it’s Skin Power 10 Formulas

Ready for an old fashioned review? It’s been a while so you’d better be. Today I’m talking about a couple of products I’ve tried from the Korean beauty brand it’s Skin. Spoiler alert: They work.

Now, I haven’t really tried much Korean skincare before. Actually, I have tried the Oh K! Nourishment Overnight Sleep Mask and I love it. But I hadn’t heard of this brand in particular before I stumbled upon them scrolling through ASOS’s skincare section. It seems super easy to get hold of – it’s stocked on Beauty Bay and Feel Unique too.

So the it’s Skin Power 10 Formulas are a range of serum type skincare products all formulated for different skin concerns. I’d say they’re more of a skincare booster, although the brand labels them as effectors, ideally used between toner/exfoliator and serum/moisturiser in your routine. I know quite a bit about skincare, having saved my skin from horrendous acne. Ever since I started using The Ordinary in my skincare routine, I feel like a skincare scientist. Hell yeah I know what AHA means! Yes I use hyaluronic acid and a niacimicide and zinc soloution on my face!  But there are thirteen different formulas in this range and so many of these products had me frantically searching google for translations. There are ingredients I’ve never heard of. Luckily, the two I have are easy enough to work out. I have the green one (VB) and the pink one (VE) which are vitamin B and E.

Let’s start with VE. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of vitamin e in skincare (see here). It works wonders on my acne pigmentation/scarring, is super hydrating and brings a glow to the skin. This little bottle claims to ‘boost elasticity, smoothness and protect skin too, for all round healthier, happier skin’. The Vitamin E ‘defends against environmental aggressors whilst adding much-needed moisture’. I agree with both of these statements. This product gives my face so much more life and brightness when I apply it before bed. My skin looks refreshed, smooth and glowy. It’s the expected consistency of a serum and it absorbs into the skin quickly. The syringe/dropper is a bit problematic but I think it’s mostly because of the product’s slightly thick consistency. I’ve tried this one before and liked it so much I repurchased it so it’s definitely got my approval. You can get it here.

Moving on to the VB, I was desperate to find a sebum controlling product. I used the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo for a long time and that’s great at clearing and controlling the skin but, it’s more of a moisturiser. This bottle claims to be ‘a hydrating and oil balancing serum designed specifically for oily, acne prone skin’. That fits me perfectly. This one was developed to ‘balance the skin’s natural oil and sebum production, preventing and clearing blemishes’. Again, this one works great. In a short time, my pores look minimised and my breakouts are slowing down. I also think the active pimples I had have scarred minimally. It definitely makes my skin look healthier. You can get this one here.

Both products last about two months if you use a few drops everynight. You can pick them up for £13 each which is pretty good for skincare serums. They’re cheap, easy to incorporate and are a great addition to your daily routine. Definitely give them a go.


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