Introducing… NA Digital Talent

Introducing… NA Digital Talent

 (picture via @NADigitalTalent on twitter)

 Something exciting is happening!

I’ve had a blog since 2014. At first, I didn’t make too much effort with anything. I’d review Primark t-shirts and show you what I’d bought in Wilkinson’s for super cheap but that was it. Since then, I’ve tried time and time again to create new and genuinely good content. I’m proud of some of it but I’ve never been consistent or committed to making my blog work. Until now…

As you may have seen, my blog has been under serious construction recently and my content has been more regular. I’ve been through the archive and deleted some posts that really weren’t the best they could have been. I’m ahead with planning, I’ve got some exciting collaborations happening and I’m super excited to be blogging again – all thanks to the wonderful Natalie Amos through NA Digital Talent. Not only is Natalie an incredible friend, she’s a wonderful manager, a constant advisor and is serious about creating great content. I’m honoured and thrilled to be working under her management alongside her other clients.

 Make sure you check out Natalie’s profile for her clients here over at and follow her social media while you’re there too. Don’t forget to check out my fellow bloggers.

I hope you’re excited for my new regular (fingers crossed) and heartfelt content. I’m putting in a lot of time and effort to make this work. Special shoutout to my biggest supporters aka my Mum and Kelly for dealing with me whilst I’ve been sorting this out, you’re all wonderful. Be sure to follow me on all my social media so you’re constantly updated and keep checking back for all the posts to come. Thanks for the luuurrvveeee!


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