How To Have A Productive Day

How To Have A Productive Day


So here’s the thing, my days are either really productive or not productive at all. I like being lazy more than anything but at the same time, nothing feels better to me than getting into bed after a day of actually doing things that need doing. Here are a few tips about how to squeeze all the productivity out of your day whilst I’m tucked up in bed all ill and gross and full of sleep.

Lists are your new best friend
Lists have actually always been my best friend. A list gets me through a day of productivity like nothing else. The satisfaction I get from ticking things off a list is unreal. Make lists, lots of them, for little things and big things. It helps.

Say bye bye to WiFi
Okay, hear me out. Not only will turning off the connection for a bit make you actually get some work done, it’ll also keep you away from all the negativity and nastiness on the ol’ internet at the moment. It’s good to shut off for a few hours. (Plus you might actually feel a bit more popular when you get a ton of notifications later after your break from the online world).

 Get out of bed
Unless you’re ill, really tired or mentally unwell – get up and do your work outside of your comfy office/bed. Sitting at a desk in a comfortable chair, with all my work and lists and my laptop in front of me makes life so much easier. Being productive is so much easier when you can move and function like a normal being. Writing essays from bed late at night or early in the morning is always my go to but for a majority of the day, I get up.

Have a break – maybe have a kitkat
In school we always got told to keep having breaks when we were revising. I thought it was rubbish but it’s true. Nothing worse than working on a sluggish brain. But having a break to drink, eat and move about freely is so important – not to mention giving your eyes a break from the computer screen. Don’t underestimate the power of a perfectly timed break. Just don’t make it too long that you don’t want to go back.

 I hope your week is productive and full of energy and all the pumpkin spice you can get.


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