Hello, I’m Entering The Blogging World!

After years of contemplation, I have finally decided to set up my own beautifully messy and interesting blog. A wonderful world of thoughts, beauty and creativity. I’ve always wanted to start blogging. It’s always seemed an amazing way to reach out to people through the internet. When my life got stressful and difficult, I needed a break, something to distract me from all the negatives.

And that’s why I’ve jumped straight in to the world of blogging. To be honest, I use my tumblr quite a lot and that’s mostly full of pictures but I think writing is therapeutic and (if you’re good at it) rewarding. I see my blog as an escape. The people I’ve met through the internet are some of the best I know, they won’t judge you because they don’t know you, they will just listen and help in any way they can. I hope you can be that for me, as I promise to be for you if you need anything. After all, making other people happy, makes me happy. I always kept diaries as a younger girl, tried hard for a while, stopped, then the annoying cycle would repeat itself. However, I hope that I will stick to this, who knows what will happen if I do? I hope that any of you reading this are ready for my journey as I grow as a blogger. Even though I may go down a random path every now and then, I aim to post regularly and to make some amazing memories whilst meeting some amazing people along the way.

Please subscribe to me by e-mail and feel free to add or follow me with any of the links on the right hand side. I’d love to hear from you and will definitely reply to you all if you message me in any way. Right, that sums it up really. Thank you if you’re still reading, it really does mean a lot. I’m so excited for this fantastic new part of my life.


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