Hello 2017

Hello 2017

Happy new year everyone! I hope you had a fun time celebrating and eating far too much! I’ve decided to give another shot at regular blogging (after a lot of persuasion) without putting pressure on myself. I’m trying to be less predictably me/less stressed. That’s my excuse as to why this post is being published on the 3rd and not the 1st because it was just nice to spend time with loved ones.


I don’t want to talk about resolutions for this year yet. I didn’t even set them last year, I wanted to have manageable goals instead. If I look back at last years it’s pretty obvious that it’s much easier that way. I wanted to makeover my bedroom and I did. I didn’t do well on the saving money thing but I’m no longer struggling and I managed Christmas so hopefully the supermarket overtime treats me well. The goal of creativity was near enough failed but if I’m honest, Uni has taught me so much that I barley had time to create. I didn’t get fitter or drink more water but I lost more weight, my skin looks great and I feel like I’m well and truly on the way to being happy with my body. Let’s not talk about the goal to work on my blog…

My last goal was to find inner peace. I really think I’m 90% there now. I couldn’t be happier with the people in my life, old and new, who have helped me on this journey of self acceptance. Although I wouldn’t quite refer to myself as a ‘calm and collected adult’ yet.

There were so many firsts in 2016 from the big things to the little things. First time in a club. First time meeting my friends. First live television lesson. First time wearing coloured contacts. First real date…

So, goals for this year? I’m not sure really. I certainly do want to get fitter. To drink more water. To be more organised with Uni. To save more money. But I think what’s important is: to look after my health, to spend time with the people I love and to make myself well and truly as happy as I possibly can.


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