Four Ways I Picked Myself Back Up This Time

Four Ways I Picked Myself Back Up This Time

Let’s start off on a positive note. How beautiful is this flat lay? I’ve been saving it for the perfect post and I think it’s this one… So recently I’ve had a bit of sad in me. I don’t really know why or where it came from but everythings has felt slower and darker and really really hard. I’m stable now and the bad spell is gone so I’m looking forward to being better again. To celebrate my strength, here are the ways I got back up when my mental health tried to hold me under this time.

At the moment, I really enjoy cooking and creating meals for myself. I’m not good at it, like at all, not even slightly – but it’s fun. It feels good to finally eat three meals when I should and not be hungry when I shouldn’t. Plus, learning to cook has always been one of my goals and I’m getting there. Next on the agenda, actually be able to poach an egg for my breakfast because the struggle… is… real…

Retail therapy has helped me loads over the past week or so. Buy things to make myself feel more mentally stable sounds so crazy. But the student loan came in and I wanted to treat myself. I bought some jeans on asos that I originally returned a few months ago because they didn’t fit, and now they do and it feels amazing. I’m in love with clothes more than I ever have been and although I can’t afford to spend all the money I have, I enjoy investing in pieces when I can.

Making myself look better has also played a key part. I’ve been looking after my brows. I’ve just had my hair recoloured and cut. I’m fake tanning tomorrow because it makes me feel thinner and healthier. Focusing on my skin is always good too. Taking time to look after myself after letting everything go a bit makes me feel refreshed and ready to get back up again.

I haven’t felt guilty about looking after myself and taking time off from all the things I usually do to feel better. I was selfish enough to do what I needed to do to look after myself.


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