Four Foundations I’ve Fallen In Love With

Four Foundations I’ve Fallen In Love With

Long lasting, not too orange and can deal with a little bit of sweat. All things I look for in both a man and more importantly – a foundation. Add easy to blend and leaning more dewy than matte to that list and we’re onto a winner. For my perfect foundation that is.

I’m a bit of a foundation/tinter moisturiser/liquid base product fanatic. I love finding a new flawless base for my face. Here’s a mini review of each of my current favourites and most used.

It Cosmetics CC Cream
So our first one is technically not a foundation but is as good as. So many of the girls I used to watch on Youtube recommended this back in the day. So I bought it back then and fell in love with it (hence the state the tube is in). I was at a point with my skin where it was terrible and I kept breaking out but wanted something less heavy to cover my acne. And it does. My god it does. But it does it in a way that still lets my skin breathe. It blends beautifully and easily, wears nicely all day and the packaging just makes sense being a pump-able tube. The downside is that the shade options are pretty crap but it’s 100% worth compromising on an exact match for the coverage. It’s so good and I think it’d work for everyone. A perfect holiday/summer base product.

The Ordinary Coverage / The Ordinary Serum Foundation
Okay – I have a confession. I intended to photograph the serum foundation instead of the coverage foundation because I just reach for it more. But if I’m honest, they’re both pretty bloody great. I often mix the two anyway. The serum foundation is dewy yet natural whilst the coverage is a little more matte yet both are long-wearing and look beautiful on the skin. They’re quick, easy and blend well. There’s a wider shade range too and 2.0N is the best match I’ve ever found in a base product. As always with The Ordinary, the products are so affordable and not damaging to my skin. I recommend that everyone gives this one ago. I’ve suggested it to all of my friends and even if it doesn’t work for you, you won’t be wasting a ton of money.

Too Faced Born This Way
I think this might be in my all time top three of the high end variety along with Nars Sheer Glow and Laura Mercier Silk Creme (both are number one huns). I love the coverage, the glowy/dewy finish and the long lasting power it has. It’s pretty gorgeous. The packaging is frosted glass and has a pump. My skin always gets complimented when I wear it and every time I rediscover it I fall more and more in love. The only issue I’ve ever had with this babe is finding the perfect shade but that’s mostly because I can never find a good shade match in anything. Anyway, I compromise because I’m so difficult haha.

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser
Again, not technically a foundation but still beautiful. This baby is a fairly new addition that Tanya Burr’s beautiful everyday skin has pretty much forced me to buy. You won’t get a ton of coverage and that takes some getting used to but it’s still a new firm favourite. Now that my skin is clearer and smoother I wanted something that would give me a natural but buildable coverage and it works wonderfully for that. On a day to day basis – or if I can be bothered to shove something on before a 9am or before work – this and the makeup revolution concealer that everyone is loving is my current go to. It’s natural, super easy to blend and looks beautiful. I can’t wait to try this with a tan too.

What are your favourite foundations/tinted moisturisers? Have you used any of these – what do you think of them?


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