Five Lifetime Goals

Five Lifetime Goals

Own a Kate Spade bag
I’m not a typically materialistic person – but Kate Spade bags do something to me I can’t explain. My dream style would be a small black or burgundy bag.

Have my hypothyroidism under control
It’s hard living with hypothyroidism – nobody really understands how much it affects every single aspect of my life. I’d love to feel completely in control of my body and mind. Plus, as it could affect my future in ways I can only begin to understand right now – being able to have happy, healthy children one day would be a huge bonus goal.

Own a property I can call home
It’s the ultimate dream. It’s also the most unrealistic dream given the current real estate market. I truly feel like my life would be complete if I could afford a place and build a home that I adore. A place I feel safe, clean and can make my own through style and decor. And I’d also love a fireplace.

Be happy with my body
It’s not that I hate my body or the way I look – just that I have a difficult relationship with body image. Even with all the progress I’ve made, I’d still freak out about being in my underwear in front of someone else or being on a beach in a bikini. I’d love to feel gorgeous when I’m bloated or have had an extra slice of pizza or I’m trying to shop and nothing suits my figure.

Never work in a supermarket again
Yes, it’s a means to an end but I cannot express how much I hate working in supermarkets. As many of you will know I’ve worked in two, although I’m currently job hunting again and nothing excites me more than the thought of never manning a checkout again and never having to help someone find the manuka honey. I want to build a career that is creative and excites me.


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