Five Books I Recently Enjoyed

Five Books I Recently Enjoyed

I used to love reading. As I kid I’d read anything and everything. Now I only read when I have the time or when I’m sunbathing abroad and that sucks. Have I mentioned how much I hate being an adult? Anyway, these are the books I’ve read and enjoyed most recently when I’ve found the time.

SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL – Giovanna Fletcher
My lovely friend/blogging wife Nat is a huge fan of Gi’s books and recommended this one to me back at the end of January when I went through a breakup. I only just finished reading it but I’m glad I finally got around to it. As a fan of Gi, but never having read one of her books I found it a little slow to start. I couldn’t fall in love with the main character like I usually do with a book. After a while it picked up and I found myself enjoying it. It’s funny, heartwarming at times and I really related to the idea of trying to find yourself again after an unexpected breakup. We’ve all been there. Definitely an easy, relatable read but uplifting, sweet and generally charming at the same time.

THE F WORD – Lily Pebbles
I love Lily and I love this book. As a long time follower of her content – her book is one of the only ‘YouTuber books’ I have ever bought. Her exploration of female friendship is such an interesting concept. Whilst learning a lot about her friendships past and present – it’s so heartwarming to reflect on your own and to think about all the wonderful women in your own life. It covers every type of friendship, the fall outs, the break ups and more. A non-fiction piece which actually kept me engaged and interested the entire way through. I’ve been writing a post inspired by this book for a long time and will hopefully get that posted at some point. Thumbs up from me!

Everything I learned about skincare I learned from Sali Hughes and Caroline Hirons. I read this book for the first time a few years ago in a desperate attempt to understand everything I could about beauty, skincare and style. It’s a bold claim to say it helped clear my acne but I certainly think it propelled me to do my own research into acids, exfoliants and the correct way to pop a spot. Recently, I picked it up to refresh my mind after falling into a bit of a funk about the beauty industry in general. This is another non-fiction book which actually kept me entertained. Sali Hughes is a genius. I love her wisdom and knowledge on beauty. This time around, I learned so much about my skin that I’d forgotten and it inspired me to revamp my current routine. If you’re looking for a little guidance on beauty, makeup or skincare without all the BS in-between – this is the one for you.

MISFIT – Charli Howard
I think Charli Howard is extraordinary. Not only does she represent everything I love about strong, powerful women in this era – she stands as a literal F you for diet culture, fat shaming and modelling standards. Her modelling career is impressive, she’s one of the kindest women I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to online and she helped create the All Women Project which celebrates incredible women. Misfit is Charli’s story of her experience in the modelling industry and the big events in her life. Her intelligence and brilliance both shine through this book and her complete honesty about eating disorders and mental health is relatable but still refreshing to read. Most importantly, this book teaches you so much without being overwhelming. It is also highly entertaining. The perfect read for literally any woman. You got a vagina? Ever felt crap about yourself? Read this book.

ONE DAY – David Nicholls
This one is another re-read and wow I am so glad I did. Sweeping declaration here… This book is my favourite story of all time. Not only do I adore the premise, the characters are the most well developed and detailed protagonists I’ve ever found in a story. Em and Dex make me laugh, cry and fall so deeply in love with them. Nicholls creates a universe that lasts for two decades and holds so much feeling and meaning within it. I love the way the book is written because everything is so wonderfully detailed, vivid and gorgeously crafted. Personally, I am always so gripped when I read this book – I simply can never put it down. And it’s a good job I wore my sunglasses when I re-read this on holiday because the tears came hard. The fact this story can make me sob every single time when I know it inside out is a testimonial for how impressive it is. I cannot sing this book’s praises enough. Seen the film? It doesn’t compare. Forget everything you know and give this a go. You won’t regret it.


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