Cleaning My Makeup Sponges With Basic Beauty Tools

Cleaning My Makeup Sponges With Basic Beauty Tools We all have a beauty sponge of some sorts, right? If you’re anything like me, you reach for one of these handy tools every time you apply foundation. But by the time you’ve finished your makeup, washing your sponge is the last thing on your mind. Well, something has recently changed the beauty sponge game for me. Now, not only am I better at cleaning them, I have a germ free, pro-hygiene way of letting them dry – all thanks to Basic Beauty Tools. Haven’t heard of them? Well three things you need to know! They’re affordable, don’t test on animals and their products really work. Their amazing team recently sent me some new goodies and I thought I’d share my thoughts with you. First of all, I have another of their incredible sponges called the BBT Foundation Blender*. I used to use RealTechnique’s orange sponge all the time because I couldn’t afford the official Beauty Blender and it was the next best thing. That was until I found Basic Beauty Tools. I honestly love their version. They absorb less of your product than any other I’ve tried but still give you a full, even coverage. They’re so much more durable, bouncier, squishier and altogether nicer to use. I’ve also noticed how quickly they dry compared to other brands. As a bonus they’re also latex and perfume free! Next, I received a second SpongeDry*. What’s a SpongeDry? Glad you asked. The brand describes it as ‘a collapsible sponge holder to hold your Foundation Blender in a hygienic and elegant way, away from bacteria and mould’ but I’d like to describe it as a little chair for your sponge to dry on to avoid anything nasty. It’s portable, hassle free and makes me feel so much safer using sponges, which are prone-to bacteria collection, on my acne prone skin. And last but not least, the SpongeClean* cleanser which is new! I tested it for the first time this morning and was so excited by this product. It’s so easy. Over the years, I’ve tried fairy liquid, the microwave method, bar soap and baby oil to clean my sponges but this product beats them all. It’s so quick, it lathers so well with a bit of water and really gets all the orange crap out of your sponge. It’s so satisfying to watch. The formula keeps your sponge soft and bouncy whilst protecting the colour due to conditioning ingredients. You don’t need too much product either so a bottle will last a long time. I’m planning to keep it in my bathroom with the SpongeDry for a daily soak after foundation application. TIP: Always forgetting to wet your sponge before you sit down? Leave them in the bathroom and collect it when you wash your face and brush your teeth. When you’re finished take it back with you, give it a quick wash, let it dry and it’ll be ready again for the next time you need it. You’re welcome. You can get the SpongeDry and my favourite purple sponge for only £14.99 or the blender on its own for £5.99 – what a bargain! And don’t forget the brand new SpongeClean which retails for £7.99. Click the link here to shop their goodies. P.S. use code SPONGECLEAN20 to get 20% off all the products on the website before the end of October! Massive thanks to Basic Beauty Tools for being absolute babes and for creating products that really work without the faff.
I was lucky enough to be #gifted these products. An asterisk (*) indicates the product has been sent via a brand or marketing team.

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