Brunch with B at Hunnybeez

Brunch with B at Hunnybeez

Brunch. It’s great isn’t it? You get a lie in but you can literally eat anything to fill the hungry void between the second you wakeup and midday. I wish I had the time and money to grab brunch, every single day. But life is cruel in many ways so I guess I’ll deal with the occasional brunch opportunity.

This week, I went to Hunnybeez in Tenterden with Charlotte¬†for a well needed catch up over some good food. I’d been before for tea and cake with my Mum so I knew the food would be good. The cafe was so cute and Charlotte was so impressed with the bee themed interior because she loves bees. I ordered a brie ploughmans with a vanilla milkshake whilst she chose a chicken fajita panini and apple juice. It didn’t take either of us long to finish our plates and whilst the cakes looked delicious we didn’t feel like eating much more. I’m sure I’ll be back to test the cakes as soon as my bank allows me to!


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