An Open Letter To The Women In My Life | #InternationalWomensDay

An Open Letter To The Women In My Life | #InternationalWomensDay

So I wasn’t gonna do this post, I’m supposed to be taking a break for uni and health, but seeing so many inspirational shoutouts to so many amazing women made me want to write it. So here I am, drinking a coffee at 10pm on a Thursday night, rushing to get this celebration of love posted before the day is over. Wish me luck.

I just adore you. You’re the best person to come home to, you give the best hugs. My ultimate motivator, my biggest fan, the driving force behind me on my worst days. I couldn’t and wouldn’t live a day of my life without you and I’m so lucky to have you. Thank you for all your support with my health and making/driving me to all my appointments – you are the only person who has ever fully understood how bad it gets for me. You’re such an amazing woman, even though you’d never realise or admit it. You’re truly gorgeous inside and out. You deserve to be celebrated. I know things are really tough right now but we’ll survive this together. I know that you always do your absolute best for me, even when you’re unsure and uncertain. I hope one day to share everything you’ve taught me with my own daughter. Thank you for always allowing me to be open, honest and completely myself. Thank you for never holding me back. I’m forever grateful for the parking change, the cups of coffee/tea you make me and the random gifts you buy me. I couldn’t survive without you.

Charlotte/Kelly/Char/Kebby. The best person I’ve ever known. My complete opposite. The person who brings out the best in me. My Paris travel buddy, my fellow shopping addict, the person I love to teach new things and share new experiences with. You never judge me even though I’m the weirdest person in the world. You’re never embarrassed by me. You understand me. You’re also one of the strongest people I’ve ever known and I cannot thank you enough for helping me through these past few hellish months. You are my rock. You never let me forget my worth and you’re rational when I can’t be. I’ve watched you become even stronger, more independent and unbelievably more gorgeous since I’ve known you and you’re such an inspiration to me. You are honestly my soul mate – the one person who’ll stand by me forever and I cannot wait to spend my life with you. I promise we’ll go to Nandos eventually.

Mill, I honestly don’t know how I’d get through not only uni but day-to-day life without you by my side. You make uni tolerable. You help me with things that nobody else understands. You’re the best replier in the world. You never tell me I’m moaning too much. You make the commute to Cantz worthwhile. You’re so strong and sassy and fierce and you don’t take any shit and I’m so thankful that you’ve taught me that lesson. Thanks for being my number one support for all the essays and emails and for the things I’ve been through recently. You’re as beautiful as your instagram feed. I also can’t thank you enough for always sharing my blog posts, it makes such a difference. I’m so lucky to get to spend time with you and to call you one of my best friends.

Nat, you’re such a driving force for me. You make me want to write amazing things, take fabby pictures and work hard on my little corner of the internet. I always want to make you proud. You guide me through social media, you tell me which emails aren’t legit and you get nice things sent through my postbox. You’re the first person I think of when I think of educated, intelligent, career motivated women – and I’m so glad that it’s rubbed off on me. I couldn’t think of a better person to have as a manager, to obsess over Hannah Gale’s latest post with and to talk about books and events we want to go to with. You’re so real, and so so important to me. I couldn’t ask for a better blog wife.

B, our memories literally have me on the edge of tears – we’re actually so funny. Thank you for always eventually replying to my messages. Thank you for never expecting too much of me or wanting me to change at all. I’m so glad you’re in my life. It’s so wonderful to see you doing so well and being such a driven woman. Your success is already so huge, I never want you to forget that. In my eyes, you’ll always be the girl walking the runway with awful BTEC beauty makeup and a colourful dress with wings on an unstable stage to Style by Taylor Swift – you killed it anyway. You’re beautiful, cleverer than me (I’m only a C grade English A Level student) and such a great person to know. Thank you for always being a constant in my life. Another Waitrose picnic catch up soon yeah?

Megs you’re the kindest person I’ve ever met. Meeting you was the best thing to happen in my sixth form years. Nobody is nicer than you. You’re insanely gorgeous and funny and I can’t thank you enough for being my friend. I know we don’t see each other as much as we used to and it’s hard, but for two people who hate texting we do our best and we’ve never let the friendship die. I’m proud of us for that. I love getting excited about musicals and films and tv shows with you, I love sharing new things. Seeing The Last Five Years with you was one of the best days of my life – thank you for sharing that with me. I hope you know how wonderful you are – you can do anything you set your mind to. You’re always there to support me – I can never repay you for the way you looked after me the day my relationship fell apart. You and pizza are the solution to most problems if I’m honest. I always miss you.

Thank you for being so strong even though your health always tries to slow you down and hold you back. You’re the definition of a fighter. It’s inspiring to me, I know you understand how hard it is for me. Thank you for all the lifts to work, the pocket money when you know I’m struggling, for showing me what true love is. You and Grandad are the best couple I know. Thank you for always believing in me when things get hard. I love you, you should know that.

Katie, you’re my favourite thing to come out of supermarket work. I’m so proud of you. From hearing you talk about your future goals, watching you study via snapchat, anxiously waiting for your exam results like they’re my own. I know sometimes it can all be overwhelming but you handle it all so well. You’ve honestly been like a little sister to me. You may not know this but it’s been such a pleasure to watch you grown into such an amazing woman in the short time I’ve known you. I’ve loved looking out for you and sharing the newest gossip and drama, work and non-work related with you. I know I haven’t always been able to see you like I promised I would when I left, but you know that I adore you and I think so much of you. I promise I’ll buy you a drink soon.

Obvs. My Queen. My life. What a comeback. What a survivor. What a woman. I’ll always love you Taylor.

I love myself so much. I’m so proud of myself. I am so strong. I am so beautiful. My weight, my health, my hair, my mental state does not define how wonderful I am. I am incredible. I deserve the absolute best and I’m gonna get it. I deserve to be celebrated, I deserve to be loved, I deserve happiness. Go me.



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