An Honest Review of the Glossier Lash Slick From A Girl Who Hates Mascara

An Honest Review of the Glossier Lash Slick From A Girl Who Hates Mascara

I hate mascara. Hate it. And it hates me. As an ex (and occasionally relapsing) false lash addict – I’m never usually happy just wearing mascara. They all look dull and don’t build or hold well on my lashes at all. Ever since I first started getting the LVL lashes treatment – I feel more confident wearing minimal makeup because it curls my naturally straight lashes. So, when Glossier dropped their long awaited mascara – I knew that I had to give it a chance in adding to my new found lash confidence because nothing else from the brand has disappointed me.

First up – the milennial pink packaging always wins. Mega points there. The brush is synthetic as opposed to a soft brush which I much prefer. I think I get on better with synthetic mascara brushes in general because it works better with my lashes. The size of the brush itself is good too – not too big but narrows at the end so that you can get the little lashes on both the top and bottom.

In terms of formula – it’s worth mentioning that this mascara took 248 formulations to perfect. It claims to be lengthening, smudge proof and natural – ‘extensions without the extensions’. Just as every Glossier product, Lash Slick claims a lot of things. And I agree with all of them. It’s a non-crumbly, quite dry formula which doesn’t weigh down the lash so is easily buildable without a risk of clumping. It holds a curl and stays put all day. There is no smudging or running and it’s water-resistant but not water-proof so it’s easy to remove too. The true test of how well this mascara holds up can be attributed to my week of work experience in London when I tested it for the first time. I travelled, ran and worked my arse off in 25 degree central London heat and it did not budge. It truly withstood the sweatiest, most stressful week of my career so far – so thumbs up from me. I cannot sing it’s praises enough. The tile of this post is all about being honest with my review. If I had something bad to say I would. All I can think of is that it’s not particularly volumising which sucks if you’re looking for that in a mascara, but it does give some serious length instead.

Price wise it’s £14 which I don’t think is too bad at all because it sits nicely between the drugstore and high-end mascara price range. But you’re paying for quality anyway so it’s 100% justified.

In short, I love it. It’s my new number one for everyday. I was skeptical about it because as I previously mentioned – I have a rocky relationship with mascaras. But I really love it. On a slight tangent – how great is Glossier as a brand? It encourages people to enhance their natural beauty as opposed to covering everything and pretending to be someone different entirely. They’ve helped me love my ugly eyelashes. Yes, yes, yes – keep doing you Glossier.

If you decide to give this babe a go don’t forget you can get 10% off your first Glossier order with my code: HERE.


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