An Autumnal OOTD Featuring My Favourite Purchases

An Autumnal OOTD Featuring My Favourite Purchases

Oh hi! So I may have accidentally on purpose bought a few things recently that I definitely maybe shouldn’t have. My absolute faves?… These jeans, that fur jacket and the perfect red bag that I’ve been searching for forever. And am I wearing them everywhere? Yes. Even when it’s too hot hot to comfortably wear a faux fur jacket? Yes.

I’m in love with buying jeans at the moment in an effort to love my figure (and by buying jeans I do mean scrolling through ASOS, thinking ‘oh my god I cannot afford them’, adding them to my basket anyway and leaving empty handed). These are perfect – slightly baggy but so comfortable with rips a slight fray. QUICK! They’re still in stock and in the sale.

The bag is last season’s so isn’t stocked on their website (but I have found an alternative link on ASOS???). I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. It has really amazing compartments so I can be super organised all the time and it fits so much more than it looks like it would. The quality is really good and it’s one of my favourite bags in my ever growing collection.

So last year I got over a desperate search for a pink fur coat and now I’ve filled that empty void with a much cheaper (seriously, the £30 price tag was not expected at all), bomber style black faux fur jacket. It comes in two other colours: a cream and a green, but I chose black because it’s easy to style and will work with so many other pieces. I couldn’t be happier with it.


What are your favourite new purchases? Is you ASOS wish list as long as mine? Do I need help?


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