All About Brows: Tinting

All About Brows: Tinting

I know, it sounds terrifying doesn’t it? Tinting your own brows, especially for someone as accident prone as me, sounds like a guaranteed disaster. But it really doesn’t have to be.

I hated my brows. I’ve stopped filling them in and if I feel like I do want to I only draw in the arch a little. They’re uneven, they grow in different directions and they always have been so I don’t have the patience to make them look like they’re sisters let alone twins. I’m embracing the natural brow. Tinting helps to pick up all the little hairs and makes them stand out so much more and make it so much easier. I use the Eyelure Brow Tint.

It’s super easy. You have to use vaseline as a barrier cream (hence the oily looking pictures) around your eyes and the skin around your brows, not that the dye would stain that badly if you did accidentally mess it up. Then I mix 1cm of the cream dye with 4 drops of activator in the plastic tray with the stick provided. I scoop it onto a clean spoolie (I bought a pack on 100 for about £1 on eBay) and brush through my brows, coating all the little hairs – even if it looks like they’re full of product I put on as much as possible. I usually leave it on for 5 minutes, which the pack says is the maximum you can do and take a wet cotton wool pad and wipe it off. I didn’t manage to get very good pictures of this at all because the lighting was awful so you can’t see the difference but, it gives me so much confidence.

After I’ve tinted I usually pluck a few stray hairs but seriously limit myself so I don’t end up with an over-plucked 90’s nightmare. The brow razor pictured below is useful for getting rid of unwanted hair above the brow but you have to be super careful and light handed. I also use a threading stick to get some hairs, although I mainly use this on my lip.

I cannot recommend brow tinting enough. One pack lasts so long and it’s cheaper than paying £15 in a beauticians. I dare you to embrace the natural brow.




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