A Relaxing Weekend with Monty Bojangles

A Relaxing Weekend with Monty Bojangles

It’s fair to say I’ve had a rubbishy week. Possible food poisoning, emotional breakthroughs and it’s just been one of those weeks that makes you want to crawl in bed and forget all the big, bad, sad parts. I’ve decided to look after myself this weekend by running a bath with the gorgeous Lush Star Dust bath bomb and lighting this £3 candle from the Boots gift section which I only picked up for the copper tin. And as an extra treat, the babes over at Monty Bojangles have sent me some more products* to tuck into while I feel sorry for myself.

These brand new Treasure Boxes each have 20 truffles which are all insanely addictive. (Addictive enough that my family is already planning on stealing a box from me. I know the website says to share, but come on…) I was sent Scrumple Nutty, Choccy Scoffy and my personal favourite Taste Adventures. There are four flavours in the Taste Adventures box – Choccy Scoffy (dusted cocoa), Scrumple Nutty (crunchy hazelnut), Berry Bubbly (raspberry popping candy) and my absolute favourite flavour Flutter Scotch (butterscotch).

These new boxes are available from Sainsbury’s now or via their website  (www.montybojangles.com). So go on, grab yourself a treat this weekend. Have a lay-in, a cuppa and some Monty Bojangles. You deserve it.

 An asterisk (*) indicates the product has been sent via a brand or marketing team.


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