A Bank Holiday Treat From Monty Bojangles

A Bank Holiday Treat From Monty Bojangles

Monty Bojangles is a chocolate brand that I have come to know and love very much (especially in that one particular week of the month when I really need chocolate to survive). They recently sent me some of their new, delicious and ‘curiously moreish’ range of Scofflets to try. In my opinion, they are hands down the best chocolate truffle you can get. They are a reasonable price for a quality product and they make a good gift too.

They are available in three flavours: Caramel & Cookie Crumble, Hint of Sea Salt and Maple & Hazelnut. As always with the brand, the packaging is fun and bright and what’s inside is even more exciting. All three flavours are yummy and ridiculously tempting but my favourites are the sea salted ones.

And it gets better… Over the bank holiday weekend, Monty Bojangles’ Scofflets are priced at only £5 for all three flavours with free delivery, so head over to their website (www.montybojangles.com) to place your order before it ends on Tuesday to make your long weekend an even better one. While you’re over there take a look at all the other wonderful products too (as a connoisseur I recommend the Flutter Scotch truffles).

No matter what you do, I hope your bank holiday is great. Mine’s going to be a combination of serious bedroom DIY and indulging in these sweet treats while I replay Taylor Swift’s new single over and over again. Ciao!

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