7 Skincare Tips I Swear By

7 Skincare Tips I Swear By

In true Elana fashion, I had a complete breakdown recently over a particularly severe breakout. Whilst I’m sure it was just hormonal and will eventually pass – there is always a huge part of me that is continually terrified of my skin reverting back to the way it was in 2014. I’ve been on a hell of a journey with my acne. It’s such a source of personal pride for me to have cleared my skin and to love my bare face so new breakouts make me feel truly heartbroken. Anyway, despite this being the absolute worst time to write a post about skin care – here are my top tips for healthy, glowy, clear skin.

NEVER pick your spots.
It’s my number one rule. I know how frustrating it is to watch a whitehead form. I have a carnal need to take the head off so that it disappears quicker – but it’s also the easiest way for it to leave a scar. So cover it in moisture and wait for it to die naturally. Just leave it be.

Invest in good skincare where you can.
Priority over makeup is skincare – it’s always been my number one area for spending money. Your skin is the largest organ and it’s so important to take care of it. My favourite skincare brand of all time is Kiehl’s but I can barely afford it. The Ordinary is an amazing brand that will enhance your skincare routine for a small fee. Other good brands I own include La Roche-Possay, Glossier, Neal’s Yard and Elizabeth Arden. I currently have my eyes set on a lot of Tata Harper, Sunday Riley, Kate Somerville and Mario Badescu but I’m too poor for that level of perfection so maybe one day.

Gentle is always better.
Don’t over-exfoliate, don’t use masks too often, avoid irritating your skin more than necessary. If something stings – wash it off. Pore strips are great (and kinda fun in a gross way) every now and then but they definitely aren’t good for your skin with continual use. The golden rule with your skin is to be gentle. Use cream washes, liquid exfoliants and small doses of strong products. Less is always more with skincare.

Use vitamin E and vitamin C in your routine.
Superdrug do a great range of each for ridiculously good prices and I couldn’t live without that range. Proof that good skincare doesn’t have to be expensive. Both are so good at evening skin tone and hydrating your skin to give you that natural soft glow.

Facial oils are your friend.
Any facial oil is good but tamanu oil is my absolute godsend. It’s a powerful antibacterial, aids in the healing of skin, reduces inflammation and targets acne in a way that no other oil can. It’s also the reason I’m so desperate for Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate because it’s listed as one of the main ingredients and I rarely ever see that. Buy a cheap bottle from amazon and apply it with your nightly moisturiser.

Keep it simple.
It’s always good to keep your routine simple. I watched a really fascinating Youtube video recently about skincare combos that do more bad for your skin than good (here). You don’t need to use stronger ingredients every day to see a difference. Don’t over do it on the acids, the retinol, the AHA’s and BHA’s. They don’t always work well together. Just pick out a maximum of five products each day/night to use on your skin for the best results.

Moisture over everything.
Facial sprays, hydrating masks, moisturising creams – keeping your skin continually moisturised helps it heal and makes it look brighter and healthier in the process. Try to avoid using products that dry your skin out every single day. Always choose moisture over everything – especially with new angry breakouts.

At the end of the day don’t forget that your skin is just skin. It’s frustrating, a little heartbreaking at times and can truly shatter your confidence but it’s definitely not what defines you as a person.








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