15 Reasons Why I’m So Friggin’ Excited For Autumn

15 Reasons Why I’m So Friggin’ Excited For Autumn

Thank god summer’s nearly over! Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the vitamin D and the optimism I gained from the warmer months this year but I’m welcoming darker mornings and colder weather with open arms.

Okay so autumn is an interesting one. It’s my favourite season for sure. I like the in between too hot and too cold months (aka. autumn and spring). Autumn fills me with cosy thoughts of soft blankets and pyjamas and candles and all those beautiful warm colours that make my heart feel fuzzy.

 But autumn is also a struggle for me mentally, when everything’s just a bit darker. It’s harder to sleep, harder to focus, I’m always tired and the sad can creep back in easily… I’m gonna try not to let it win this time.

Then again, October is my birthday month and that’s exciting. I’m definitely going to make it a birthday week this year, I have so many important people to celebrate with.

Anyway, here’s my list of 15 reasons why I’m so excited for autumn!

 1) Plum lipsticks that don’t work at any other time of the year that make you look majestic and a lot more interesting than you are. I can whip out the old Glastonberry by Charlotte Tilbury, at last. Hallelujah!

2) Having a good old moan about all the Christmas talk which is only made worse by the working in retail where Christmas plans are made about 4 months too early.

3) It’s the perfect time to binge watch Harry Potter and wish you could go to Hogwarts instead of university.

 4) The thought of diving head first into and kicking up red, brown and yellow leaves. Let’s face it, we’d never do it because we’re British and it’d be embarrassing but the though of it is all sorts of wonderful.

5) Growing out your winter coat of fur and not having to make an effort. All the razors and the fake tan are already hibernating in the back of my drawer.

 6) Getting cosy without getting too hot. The fan is away in the wardrobe and I don’t need a cold drink every five minutes.

 7) Comfort food. Pies, macaroni cheese, lasagna, mashed potato, stew, roast potatoes, beans on toast, pizza – basically all the carbs. Bye bye salad!

 8) Going outside means not sweating my makeup off every single day. There’s no risk of sunburn and it’s really nice not being a constantly hot, sticky mess.

 9) Amazing thick and creamy hot chocolate loaded with cream and marshmallows and anything else you can fit on top.

 10) The years most meaningless holidays but some of the most fun happen in autumn. Halloween is the day after my birthday so it’s another excuse to drink and Bonfire Night is fun as long as you have a bonfire and some sparklers.

 11) Carrying on from the carb list, all the puddings you can possibly fit into your dessert stomach. Warm chocolate brownie, apple pie, cherry pie, sticky toffee pudding, bread and butter pudding, custard, jam sponge and all the sweet things I crave endlessly.

 12) Scented candles. You can have a fresh, clean smelling room or you can go all out and have a room smelling like cinnamon apples and sweet berries. I know which one I’d prefer.

 13) Not feeling guilt for coming home and getting straight into your pyjamas to watch tv in a pile of blankets. In my case, rewatching The Vampire Diaries from the beginning. Perfect autumn tv.

 14) Living in unflattering but oversized jumpers and cardigans that hide the small food baby you’re hiding or the fact that you want to curl up and hide from life.

 15) Cold starts with autumn sun, morning frost and crunchy leaves. The perfect excuse for a welly walk.

 What’s your favourite thing about autumn? Are you excited or sad that summer’s on its way out?


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