15 Reasons We Get Excited About A Bit Of Sun In The UK

15 Reasons We Get Excited About A Bit Of Sun In The UK

Car journeys with sunglasses on, the windows down and summer tunes on the radio make everything seem so much better.

The days seem longer. There’s just so much more time. Are you sure it’s eleven at night because I’m wide awake! AND THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO.

It makes the mornings so much easier. One look at the sun outside and not freezing your bits off the second you wake up makes the thought of rolling out of bed a lot nicer.

Skin clearing opportunities. It’s no secret that vitamin D loves clearing up your skin. And a couple of hours in the sun makes the pores, the spots and the pimples look a lot better. (Make sure you wear SPF! Highly recommend the Benefit one! Not #spon, I wish).

It makes us ladies want to wear less makeup but still make an effort. It makes us feel confident enough to wear THAT dress with bare legs. It makes us glow in a way we just can’t in the winter. I mean I wore a bikini top the other day and posted it on instagram (elanawaite), and that’s such a huge step for me!

The first BBQ opportunity of the season is always exciting. Burgers. Hotdogs. Kebabs. Couscous. Salads. Coleslaw. Potato Salad. Halloumi. There’s nothing better than sitting outside at seven when it’s still light and eating the same thing we could have cooked in the oven anyway. And then we get to eat ice-creams and strawberries and all the sweet yummy stuff too.

Because it makes us feel better. Both physically and mentally. Most importantly, it helps control the jealousy so we can hate our friends travelling abroad that little bit less.

Everything seems brighter, happier more cheerful. We can’t wait for more sun.

Spontaneous sunny trips. Beach, town, walk – whatever it may be, it’s better in the sun.

Picnics are the best. Nothing better than sitting on a blanket and pigging out on on sausage rolls, scotch eggs and crisps, all washed down with a cloudy lemonade. Food again, basically.

Selfies, selfies, selfies. The lighting is better, the background is better, the pictures are better.

It gives us something to talk about. It pops up in instagram captions, it trends on twitter and Facebook and we mention it to every stranger we see. Plus, as a supermarket worker it’s an easy go-to for till chat.

All the fruity, sugary drinks that we don’t fancy when it’s cold. Malibu. Archers. You know, the ones with more alcohol than mixer. Actually, we’ll take any excuse to drink a pitcher of pimms.

It gives us the energy to fake tan. Let’s be honest, fake tanning is a lot of effort and it can be really inconvenient. It takes planning. It takes maintenance. And because we don’t want to look super pale next to everyone else, we give it a go when the sun is out. I for one definitely need to try and hide the casper-whiteness of my wintery UK skin.

It makes excessive cleaning seem okay. Doesn’t it? Any excuse for a spring clean or to buy more plants or to shove some flowers in a vase so you can act like you have your life together. Maybe just me?


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