10 Things I’m Realising In My 20th Year

1. Not everyone you meet is going to like you and that’s okay
I’ve realised recently that even if you’re a good person and you do all you can to make people like you, some people simply won’t get you and that’s fine. As long as you don’t go out of your way to add to the animosity, then live your life regardless of their opinion on you.

2. Relationships aren’t 50/50 all the time
Wether it be a romantic relationship, a friendship or a relative – somedays you gotta give 80 when the other person can only give 20. You can’t always give the same effort, sometimes the other person has to pick up the slack.

3. Trains really aren’t that scary
Unless you get the wrong one, or lose your ticket, or it gets delayed, or you have five minutes to change or, the train is cancelled or you get lost on the platform…

4. Dry shampooing your hair is a life saver
I used to hate dry shampoo. I’m such a clean freak and used to hate not washing my hair everyday but if I’m honest I just can’t go through the week without dry shampooing once now.

5. Nobody at work really cares what you look like without makeup on
Although customers will make comments about how different you look and the odd colleague will ask if you’re sick or really tired, nobody really cares so you shouldn’t either. Plus it saves so much time.

6. You will never stop procrastinating
As I write this I should be working on my essay that’s due in two weeks but inspiration comes little and not often at all so I best get this out while I can.

7. I really can’t cook
Like really, can’t cook. Or do anything in the kitchen. I honestly struggle to make a cup of tea some times. I can just about boil some pasta but I never get the right amount.

8. You’re never too old for fairy lights
When deep cleaning my room yesterday I took all my lights down to repaint the walls and dust everything. I seriously thought about throwing them out for half a second and then realised I can’t be without them. Ever.

9. Sleep is always the best option
Ill? Sleep. Tired? Sleep. Overthinking? Sleep. Stressing about something unnecessarily? Just sleep.

10. It’s okay not know exactly what you’re doing all the time
As a control freak I like to know what I’m doing and what’s going on every second of the day. But it’s okay not to have everything sorted. I don’t have my life plan worked out and I don’t have things set in stone. I’m learning to be okay with not always being in control.


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